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Rhens Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Is a registered, 100% Black Woman Owned Private Company. (Hereafter referred to as ‘RHENS’)

DISRhens (Pty) Ltd

Is a registered 100% Black Owned Private Company formed through a joint venture between Rhens and Disabled People

South Africa’s (DPSA, the NPO) investment arm, DPSA Investment Holdings.   (Hereafter referred to as ‘DISRHENS’).

Rhens’ Portfolio of Services

  • Recruitment, Selection and Placement
  • Labour Relations
  • Training and Skills Development
  • Learnership, Internship, Graduate Programmes
  • Integrative BBBEE Services
  • Report Submissions (WSP / ATR / Pivotal Training Plans; Employment Equity Plans)
  • Other Value Added Services

DISRhens | Rhens Unique Recruitment & Selection Service

This is a unique, collaborative, professional approach and service offering specifically created for the placement of abled and disabled Candidates in jobs with Client Companies across South Africa.


Reference to DISRhens is thus the same as reference to Rhens within the context and provisions of this Corporate Profile and / or any other official Agreement pertaining to recruitment and selection.  Income generated from recruitment agency fees contributes to DPSA’s endeavour to be a more financially independent NPO that derives income from both traditional sources but also from supplementary streams via its investment arm.  Utilising the recruitment services of Rhens | DISRhens as preferred suppliers thus automatically contributes to income generation for DPSA.   Supporting Rhens | DISRhens means contributing to improving the socio-economic conditions of the disabled in their communities and importantly, also uplifting the dignity of the disabled.

Our extensive database covers disabled and non – disabled across all industries so no job is out of reach to find the right Candidate to be placed with the right Client Company.



dpsa organogram


  • Our Human Resources (HR) services include but is not limited to amongst others recruitment; training; industrial relations; a BBBEE advisory and action plan implementation service, etc.
  • We provide HR services to employers in the public and private sector, to jobseekers and entrepreneurs
  • We provide entrepreneurs with enhanced, practical business skills through training programmes, HR guidance and advice
  • One of our unique value propositions is that of the recruitment, placement, training and skills development of persons              with disabilities in core, support and technical or artisanal roles across industries
  • We provide:
  • Candidates with job opportunities to achieve their career aspirations and unknown potential
  • Employers with HR generalist professional services to support them in achieving a transformed workforce
  • Our HR generalist services can be customised in the form of short or long term projects and / or retainer agreements
  • We know and understand the importance of meeting the ‘2% of the workforce must be persons with disabilities’
  • At the same time we also understand that Business Strategy; growing ROI; competitive advantage; cutting costs; increasing productivity and performance in pursuit of a long term sustainability, profitable business model is critical for any organisation, big or small, private or public
  • We are aided and supported by a team of senior strategic advisors with an unmatched magnitude of knowledge of both the private and public sector affairs locally as well as throughout Africa and internationally. We are thus privileged to understand our local and international landscape from economics to politics to business to social welfare factors and how current and future developments in these spheres can affect our Clients’ business. On the basis hereof, we guide businesses, big or small, starting with something that may seem as simple as the placement of the right person in the right position but also connecting a placement to a bigger picture with a focus on the long term sustainability of the Clients’ business

At Rhens we know the importance of meeting the2% of the workforce must be persons with disabilitiesBBBEE target, we understand what it means to increase ROI, and we get that very famous one called ‘…cut costs everywhere…’.

Proud Member of APSO


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