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Disabled People South Africa

Disabled People South Africa (DPSA) is an NGO and is highly recognised as an organisation that:

  • Is the only cross-disability organisation within South Africa with thousands of disabled member on its database;
  • Has ‘branches’ operating as business hubs with a +-20 000 membership database across all provinces in South Africa;
  • Takes the lead to ensure that persons with disabilities are represented at social, economic, political and legislative levels;
  • Is a Human Rights Organisation with the vision of ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ ‘….of, by and for disabled people’
  • Is successful at having deployed members into government legislatures and onto various Boards;
  • Has networks and relationships based on:
  • An understanding of government level bodies and processes in South Africa, Africa and internationally
  • An understanding of and direct access to Executive Level authorising bodies in various sectors
  • A cross sector membership inclusive of all the various types of disabilities (e.g. mental, physical etc.)
  • Disabled members who can be trained and / or placed in public and private and as self-employed entrepreneurial
  • A positive, influential brand and image nationally in South Africa, Africa and internationally
  • Is a contributory authority that can influence legislation affecting persons with disabilities
  • Their work includes a relentless focus and commitment to the aims of achieving universal justices for the disabled


INVESTMENT HOLDINGSDIH’ means DPSA Investment Holdings Proprietary Limited registration number 2015/429803/07, a company duly incorporated under the laws of the Republic of South Africa and a wholly owned subsidiary of DPSA.  DIH is the investment, commercial trading arm to DPSA Trust.  DISRhens is a registered subsidiary of DIH.



TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT‘ASSA’ (Afritech Skills Solutions Academy (Pty) Ltd) is the black consortium joint venture comprised of DIH and the 100% black owned partners named Flux d’ Energie Pristine (Pty) Ltd (hereafter called ‘Pristine’) and Rhens Consulting (Pty) Ltd (hereafter called ‘Rhens’).

o    Pristine specializes in education, medical supplies, renewable energy and construction.

o    Rhens specializes in human resources and other professional services.

ASSA is a subsidiary of DIH.



K2016329057, hereafter called K2 forms part of the RETAIL stable of subsidiaries.  The principal business of the K2 subsidiary is the procurement and on-sell of new and refurbished mobile devices and ancillary equipment to the telecommunications industry.
K2 is a subsidiary of DIH.


DIH has a 90% shareholding and IMB Financial Services (Pty) Ltd (IMB) has a 10% shareholding in IMB Distribution (Pty) Ltd.  IMB is a fast – growing FinTech Company with a footprint nationally in South Africa and expanding into Africa) The purpose of this IMBD vehicle is to make IMB Financial Services Centre Business Hubs available to successfully selected disabled entrepreneurs who will receive training and thus skills development to enable them to manage these hubs with the intent and purpose of attracting a defined target market and to offer them a low cost mobile money wallet with a linked Debit Card.  This solution is supported by a full mobile and internet transaction capability and it creates access to all standard debit card functionalities such as ATM withdrawals and retail payments. IMBD has a passion for delivering the back and front end services and support that will ensure a new breed of successful disabled entrepreneurial business owners who manage their own highly successful and economically sustainable Financial Services Centre Business Hubs.


HEALTH & SUPPLY SERVICES and ENERGY & CONSTRUCTIONDIH is currently working on a number of exciting projects envisaged to culminate in more income funding opportunities and job opportunities.



Netcare Hospitals (Pty) Ltd has provided Rhens Consulting and therefore also DISRhens, invaluable operational and financial Enterprise Development support to grow the HR and in particular the recruitment side of the business as well as to manage Enterprise Development projects on behalf of Netcare and DPSA.-      ‘Healthcare group Netcare has entered into a ground breaking enterprise and supplier development partnership with Disabled People South Africa (DPSA), an organisation that aims to stimulate and support entrepreneurial growth within the disability sector.’-      ‘We at Netcare are tremendously excited to enter into this enterprise and supplier development partnership with DPSA, which builds on our commitment to disability mainstreaming and seeks to place persons with a disability at the centre of inclusive economic growth, poverty alleviation and job creation initiatives in South Africa,’ adds Warrener.-      ‘Supporting small business growth within the disability sector is a natural progression of Netcare’s transformation endeavours, which promote the creation of a society and economy that is inclusive of all South Africans, and has historically placed a particular emphasis on those with disabilities.’

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