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Service Offerings @ Rhens Consulting


service offerings


Recruitment & Selection & Development

  • Rhens Consulting is the preferred, sole provider recruitment agency for DPSA (Disabled People South Africa and thus we also trade as DisRhens (Pty) Ltd as a result of this strategic alliance.  Some of the benefits of our collective service offering is also illustrated under ‘OUR PARTNERS’
  • We are highly effective at placing candidates with the right skill-sets in the right jobs on the foundation of more than 20 years of HR experience, networks and relationships in private and public sectors locally and internationally
  • We recruit for attitude and culture-fit first, followed by skill which is trainable as organisations, systems and processes change all the time… ‘Hire the Passion and Train the Skill’
  • Our recruitment process methodology is to:
  • Meet with key role players and gain understanding of a business, its culture and its people needs;
  • Customise the recruitment approach to suit the needs and culture of that business;
  • Use multiple, talent attraction platforms and techniques including but not limited to social media and relationship networks to attract high calibre, sought after candidates;
  • Apply in-depth integrity and performance focussed techniques for screening; interviewing, reference checking, etc;
  • Administer either one or a combination of assessment tests; personality and psychometric tests dependent on the role;
  • Place the right candidates in the right jobs at the right companies.
  • Other unique Value Proposition Offers are:
  • An ‘After-Placement-Follow-Up’ service which includes: status checks on the settling in and performance delivery of candidates during the first 6-months and walking the engagement journey with our clients
  • Our learnership and internship absorption tracker which allows companies to attain BBBEE points without the hassle of physically following learners so that companies can concentrate on their core business



Labour Relations

  • Formulating and amending contract agreements and legislation affecting contracts
  • Industrial Relations advice and a FAQ communications service
  • Extensive knowledge, practical exposure and experience in advising, assisting leading processes relating to:
  • Misconduct (routine and serious cases up to hearings, chairing, CCMA and advising on outcomes)
  • Operational Requirements (restructures, retrenchments)
  • Performance & Capacity Management
  • Training business to understand legislation and risk management implications on workplace and employee relations
  • Strategic, higher level of experience and competence utilising Rhens – and when necessary also Rhens’ co-experienced networks – to apply an integrative investigative systems approach model to unbundle complex IR issues that aids business in managing IR | Audit | Compliance risk issues in organisations with simple as well as complex organisational structure ‘layers’


Performance Management

  • Job Spec, Key Performance Areas, Key Performance Indicator and Performance Agreement Contract integration.
  • Linking and translating and Performance Agreement Contract management process outcomes to increases, succession, etc.
  • Training management and staff on Performance Management Processes


Training and Skills Development

  • Rhens | DISRhens has a synergistic, joint venture partnership with Afritech Skills Solutions Academy, this being DPSA’s training division.  This relationship and service offering is explained under ‘OUR PARTNERS’
  • Through our training service we assist employers in the upskilling of their employees; facilitate the training interventions all of which assists companies in achieving and improving overall BBBEE points and levels
  • Our training and skills development process methodology is to:
  • Advise and assist Companies on how to create customised, effective training solution packages with long term benefits;
  • Provide companies with talented, trained and employable candidates to maximise BBBEE points;
  • Integrate a company’s training needs portfolio through the provision of processes and services including inter alia:
    • Conduct training needs analysis to identify gaps and existing skills that can be maximised;
    • Impact on more cost effective training budget decisions;
    • Align training needs and actions to deliver on training to achieve BBBEE points;
    • Access to an accredited training provider to facilitate accredited training and skills programs;
    • Compile and submit the WSP / ATR reports aligned to BBBEE and Employment Equity Reports


BBBEE: Integrative Guidance & Audit Preparation

  • Rhens provides a BBBEE service inclusive of BBBEE needs analysis; advice; identifying workable actions that can be implemented; assisting companies with the implementation of agreed actions and solutions in support of achieving improved BBBEE points, ratings and levels for all elements on the scorecard
  • This is achieved through our BBBEE service offering which includes but is not limited to:
  • Assessing the business to understand if it operates as an:
    • EME (Exempt Micro Enterprise: up to R10 million turnover threshold)
    • QSE (Qualifying Small Enterprise: >R10 – R50 million turnover threshold)
    • LE (Large Enterprise: > R50 million turnover threshold)
  • Conducting gap analyses to understand current status vs future requirements for the scorecard;
  • Identifying workable opportunities and action steps to improve BBBEE elements on the scorecard;
  • Assisting and guiding the Client Company to develop and implement strategies which include:
    • Employment equity placements at the right management levels
    • The right skills mix of training
    • Pivotal training’
    • Learnerships, internships, graduate placements
    • Absorption of learners, interns and graduates
    • Discretionary Grant applications
  • Providing a value-added, ‘candidate tracking tool’ service to track absorption of learners for BBBEE points
  • Guiding and enabling entrepreneurs to become highly skilled, successful EME business owners
  • Guiding and enabling self-employed EME business owners for Enterprise Development and Supplier Development success
  • Assisting companies with BBBEE Scorecard Audit Preparations prior to submission to the BBBEE Verification Agency


Reports & Metrics

  • Our registered Skills Development Facilitators completes and submits WSP / ATR / Pivotal Training;
  • We conduct and compile comprehensive skills needs analysis reports;
  • We compile and track Employment Equity Reports including an analysis of current status’ and goals;
  • All reports and submissions are aligned to the Company’s BBBEE strategic goals thus we create a seamless approach and tracking advisory service;
  • We design, develop and implement comprehensive but practical benchmarks and metric reports and dashboards e.g.:
    • Achieving an engaged, motivated and dedicated workforce committed to economic sustainability
    • Skills, career and succession planning improvement ratios
    • Reduced manpower & productivity downtime due to time spent on training new staff
    • Decreased turnover rates
    • Improved retention rates
  • Reduced recruitment and selection costs, etc.


Other Value – Added Services

  • Remuneration and Reward benchmarking
  • Retention and Succession Planning
  • Surveys
  • Customised Projects
  • Disability Readiness Audits
  • Payroll
  • FAQ Support Service: Mentoring, Coaching, Information sharing (telephonic or online)
  • Social Media: We share current HR news via our interactive website, Facebook and Twitter feeds



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