• First and foremost, our core target market is Candidates with disabilities
  • Followed by candidates with and without disabilities in no specific order:
  • Youth
  • Women
  • Entrepreneurs
  • We enable job seekers and entrepreneurs to be empowered, inspired, high performing sought-after candidates
  • We play a pivotal role in creating corporate and technical-artisan learnership and internship opportunities
  • We guide, mentor and ensure that all our candidates are fully prepared for interviews with Companies
  • Our Value Proposition services to candidates are as follows:
  • Enhancing and guiding candidates to achieve self-awareness and self-development skills to achieve and project a positive, confident, can-do image and attitude;
  • Providing access (resources permitting) to IT hardware, software, printing, free Wi-Fi etc.
  • We stay in touch with Candidates’ progress, growth and careers through our:
    • Unique Value Proposition offering, this being our ‘Candidate / Learner Absorption Tracking Tool’;
    • After placement performance management during the first 6 months of placing a candidate with an employer
  • Our aim is to match Candidates with employers who care, who are committed to skills development, reward and recognition, a successful career in private or public sectors or as entrepreneurs

Client Companies

  • We engage with Companies to understand the culture of their business to enable us to guide them through our services
  • We take the time to explain the benefits of employing persons with disabilities and how this in turn contributes to transformed workforces and communities
  • We seek to fully understand each job spec and vacancy to present an inclusive talent pool of candidates
  • We provide a BBBEE progress and achievement update advisory service
  • We guide, coach and assist Companies who take on learnerships and internships to maximise BBBEE points
  • We provide a reporting service to show and track benchmarks, metrics, improvements in the business
  • We facilitate, guide and advise on interactive, practical Disability Awareness and Sensitization Training programmes
  • Our unique Value – Added Area of Specialisation is our full circle, holistic all-round approach where we offer:
  1. Skills and Entrepreneurial development through our training and skills development subsidiaries and partners;
  2. An ‘after-placement-follow-up’ service that includes status checks on the settling in and performance delivery of candidates during the first 6-months of their employment thus walking the engagement journey with our clients as opposed to ‘walking away’ once our Candidates are placed;
  • Our ‘Candidate / Learner Absorption Tracking Tool’ tracks candidates who were on learnerships or internships and who have moved on to other companies, for the Clients Company’s BBBEE points
  • Rhens |  DISRhens  can place talented disabled candidates at speedy turn-around times through our DPSA networks
  • A working relationship with Rhens | DISRhens means that companies automatically benefit from an all-inclusive ‘alliance by association’ relationship with an internationally recognised organisation that plays a key role in local and international work for persons with disabilities
  • Being part of a network of BBBEE service providers and suppliers specialising in training, recruitment, etc.
  • Our goal is to help Clients achieve transformed companies with highly motivated, engaged, productive, happy staff

Our Communities and Our Country

Placing the right staff in the right jobs in public, private or the entrepreneurial sectors assists in:

  • decreasing unemployment
  • increasing skills development
  • improving skills shortage challenges
  • assists in creating an economically active population
  • preparing and upskilling the youth who are ready and employable through our joint ventures with Youth Development Organisations, Community Colleges, Student mentoring support and guidance joint ventures

All of these areas all benefit the country at a macro and micro level and contributes to radical economic transformation that is needed in our country in order to redress the past and make social – economic upliftment difference in so many ways from the rural community to the urban areas.

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