Our Unique Value Proposition


We do not sell training. We steer careers. And we promote future employability and entrepreneurship through:

  • A ‘360-Degree’ approach of ‘Upskill via the Training Division and place via the Recruitment Division’.
  • Unique HR solutions delivered through our training, recruitment and HR & ED project management services.
  • Understanding and supporting business’ core drivers to cut cost, increase ROI, improve BBBEE scorecard.
  • Passion for HR projects and outcomes that translate into investing, advancing and steering careers.
  • Key focus on people with disabilities, youth, women and military veterans.
  • Promoting diversity and inclusivity for people with disabilities and their contribution to the economy.
  • Accredited training and development teams with multi-disciplinary expertise.
  • Free training eg the US9964* H&S aligned online training and other substantially discounted training.
  • Our ‘3:4’ * discount package applicable to all training bookings online and face to face.
  • Confident, robust experience-based decision-making capabilities.
  • Contributors who understand micro and macro level socio-politicaleconomic impact on business.
  • Flexibility to offer skills collaborations and methodologies that can be adapted as ‘fit for purpose’ solutions.
  • Active pursuit of learning outcomes that must equip learners with relevant, future world-of-work skills.
  • Advocates of employment creation and socio-economic upliftment to lessen the burden on the state.
  • Technical experience in labour legislation, compliance, corporate governance, SETA grants, BEE scorecards.
  • Two career stream offers designed to prepare business and learners for probable ongoing economic adversity.
  • Forming partnerships agreements with peer-businesses that support our Strategic Priorities to ‘steer careers, promote entrepreneurship and deliver skills development opportunities’
  • Creating and managing digitised support’ policies and processes so that clients can focus on their core business.


Steer careers, promote entrepreneurship and deliver skills development opportunities.


To be a successful, purpose-driven business underpinned by corporate governance principles that directs and informs our delivery to clients.


To create meaningful opportunities for performance driven corporate citizens that will benefit a competitive South African economy.


Empowering corporate citizens in the private, public and informal sectors to improve and sustain their careers of choice.

Our Divisions

Rhens’ HR experience and capability is expertly weaved through all our business areas,  this being our 3 Divisions:

  • Training Division
  • Recruitment Division
  • ED and HR Projects Division

We remain relevant with the support of our team of highly trained subject matter and industry specialists including, in no particular order:

  • SETA accredited assessors and moderators,  facilitators
  • Recruitment and headhunting specialists
  • Sales and marketing specialists
  • Change Management and OD specialists
  • Socio – Political – Economic analysists and contributors
  • Health and Safety Trained Medical Specialists
  • Medical Technology Suppliers and Medical Distributor specialists

Accredited & Non-Accredited Training, Learning & Skills Development Courses

Tuition is delivered through the following options and methods:
• Online learning on our Training Portal
• Face-To-Face (F2F) via classroom – styled training
• Combination, mixed modes of tuition.

Recruitment, Head Hunting, Career Mentoring & Management

We place performance driven citizens in the workplace and in entrepreneurial careers of choice.

Short and Long Term HR and ED Based Projects, Retainers and Agreements

We implement projects and services by delivering on HR and ED projects which is aimed at improving efficiencies and supporting businesses through their start up, scaling and sprint levels.

Our History

Rhens Consulting CC was registered in 2010 as an HR ‘consultancy’ in response to small business owners with a need for professional, HR advice and services.  Rhens provided this HR support, often on a pro-bono basis due the business owner’s enthusiasm for HR and the visible impact of seeing  people develop due honest leadership conversations, mentorship and guidance. 

Out of this experience grew Rhens’ vision to recruit, develop, train and upskill her own and others’ ‘careers’. 

The definition of  ‘career at Rhens is any path-of-work that an individual invests time and energy in to improve their own learning and skills whether artisanal or academic,  for formal employment purposes or to operate  as a self-employed Entrepreneur.

rebranded to Rhens Consulting (Pty) Ltd in 2015 and started full time operations as a fully functional professional HR services company with clients in the FinTec, Education (ECD), ICT, Retail, Cleaning, Recycling, Media, Medical sectors.

About The Owner

Rhens’ founder is Rene Hendricks who was born and raised on the Cape Flats in the Western Cape. Rene has over 25 years HR experience as a HR Business Practitioner up to senior management level at listed and unlisted companies. Her corporate experience includes working in highly competitive environments’ for companies like Southern Life, Virgin Active, Clicks, Netcare, Primedia. Her experience spans across the private sector corporate world, working with people with disabilities, developing entrepreneurs and managing ED projects in the formal and informal sector.

DisRhens Recruitment Agency Joint Venture

DISRhens Pty Ltd ( ‘DISRhens’) is a registered 100% black owned private company formed through a JV between Rhens and DPSA (Disabled People South Africa, NPO No# 001 – 315), and its investment arm, DIH (DPSA Investment Holdings Pty Ltd).

DISRhens’ 3 (three) Directors comprises of 2 Black Disabled Directors and 1 Black Woman.

‘DISRhens’ formation is based DPSA’s strategy to create a unique, collaborative, recruitment agency and company offering for the placement of DPSA’s People With Disability’ members.

Resultant recruitment agency fee profits made from DISRhens’ placements are apportioned back to DPSA in support of its strategic priorities and vision of achieving financial independence.
Any reference to DISRhens is therefore the same reference to Rhens within the context of the DPSA, DIH, Rhens JV and supporting agreements linked to the recruitment, selection and placement of Disabled Candidates who are members of DPSA.

Organisations registering and utilising the services of Rhens | DISRhens on their Procurement Preferred Supplier List will create the following benefits for all:
a) improved transformation points eg Skills Development, EE, etc for own BBBEE scorecard;
b) contribute to DPSA’s strategy of, inter alia:
– creating sustainable financial independence for DPSA and its disabled member base;
– uplifting and upholding the dignity of People With Disabilities; and
– improving socio-economic conditions of People With Disabilities in South Africa.

A working relationship with Rhens | DISRhens means that organisations automatically benefit from an all-inclusive ‘alliance-by-association’ relationship with Disabled People South Africa (DPSA), local, nationally and internationally recognised NPO.

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